Ruling Party Candidate Wins to Maintain Relations with Taiwan Paraguay Presidential Election

Paraguay, the only South American country with diplomatic relations with Taiwan, held a presidential election on April 30. Former finance minister Santiago Peña, 44, a center-right party of the ruling party that vows to maintain diplomatic relations with Taiwan, won the victory and told supporters, "I am grateful for this victory." Local media reported.

Taiwan maintains diplomatic relations with only seven countries in Latin America, and Paraguay has 66 years of diplomatic relations with Taiwan and has received substantial aid. In recent years, many countries in Latin America have severed diplomatic relations with Taiwan, and in March, Honduras broke off diplomatic relations with China and just established diplomatic relations with China. With Mr. Peña's victory, the region's "dominoes" will come to a halt for the time being.

Former public works and communications minister Efrain Alegre, 60, a center-right opposition coalition that had suggested a policy of severing diplomatic relations with Taiwan and establishing diplomatic relations with China, is expected to be the runner-up.

According to the election authorities' interim tally, as of 99.42% of the votes counted, Mr. Peña received 42.74% of the vote and Mr. Alegre 27.49%.

Peña's Colorado Party emphasizes relations with the United States.

The new president will take office on August 15 for a five-year term. The number of eligible voters is about 4.78 million.

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