Saga Osprey land to be sold Landowners decide, deployment approaching

 Regarding the plan to deploy the Ground Self-Defense Force V22 Osprey transport aircraft at Saga Airport (Saga City), the management and management council of the government's planned acquisition site, which is made up of fishermen and other landowners, held an extraordinary general meeting on the 1st and decided to accept the land sale with the approval of more than two-thirds of the attendees. The path to land acquisition, which had been a hurdle, was established, and the realization of deployment was greatly approached.

Some landowners who have expressed opposition have argued that the sale requires unanimous consent and are prepared to take legal action.

According to the council, there were 184 votes in favor and 49 against. Hiroto Tanaka, chairman of the council, said after the meeting, "We would like to conclude an agreement (on pollution prevention, etc.) with the Ministry of Defense."

At the Minamikawa Deputy Branch of the Ariake Sea Fisheries Cooperative in Saga Prefecture, where the general meeting was held, people who appeared to be landowners entered the building one after another before the start at 10 a.m. A group of local residents opposed to the plan put up a banner outside the site that read "No to Osprey."

According to the Ministry of Defense's plan, a new garrison will be built on the west side of the airport and 17 Osprey aircraft will be deployed.

In March this year, the Ministry of Defense offered landowners 6,031 yen per square meter, a 40% increase from the purchase price announced two years ago.

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